Premier truck body specializes in supplying you with accessories that are unique to North America, but have been a proven item in Europe. Through our years of experience in the the transportation industry we recognized there was room for improvement. The connections we have throughout the world give us access to the technology that will help you being successful in your business. Contact us if you want to know more about any of the products featured on this web site. We look forward to be of service to you.

Premier Truck Body can't solve all the problems or eliminate all the challenges the transportation industry will impose on you. We CAN however, provide you with a variety of solutions that you may have previously thought were not available.

Browse our website for the different items available through Premier Truck Body.

Lift Gates

LIFT GATES - Whether you need to get heavy pallets loaded in to a semi trailer or make a passenger van wheelchair accessible, we can supply you with the right lift. The possibilities are endless with a Dhollandia lift gate.
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Wind Deflectors

WIND DEFLECTORS - It is no secret that installing wind deflectors will result in considerable savings on your fuel bill. Not all wind deflectors are created equal though, and not all trucks are of the same dimensions.
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SLEEPERS - We have two types of aftermarket sleeper cabs available to convert you Peterbilt or Kenworth from a day cab to a sleeper cab. The sleepers are completely designed to install in an efficient and OEM style fashion.
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Sun Visors

SUN VISORS - Kenworth & Peterbilt cabover sunvisor - Great looking trucks, ideal for p & d work, good for the longer trips, these are reliable trucks built with pride. The origins of the cab on these models lies in europe.
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Energy Curtains

ENERGY CURTAINS - At home, you don't turn on the heat with the doors open... but when you are in the temperature controlled transportation business that is exactly what you are doing whenever you have to make a delivery!
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Sand Spreaders

SAND SPREADERS - Have you ever been out on roads that were so slippery you could not get going from a standstill? You know the scenario, the secondary roads are not plowed, the snow is packed down to ice, and the result is a very slippery surface.
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