Lift Gates / Cantilever Lift Gates / DH-LSP.Z.07.04 /


This lift gate has the same lift capacity as the DH-LSP.0704 but also allows the driver access to the cargo space at all times through one rear door.

The DH-LSP was the first external lift ever in the tail lift industry, engineered to suit factory built panel vans. DHOLLANDIA still continues to lead the innovations in this field today. The intelligent shape of the lift arms eliminates the need to cut in the vehicle chassis or rear floor cross member, and maximises the ground clearance under the lift.

The passage from the platform to the vehicle floor is realised by an articulated bridge plate, available as option on this lift [OAM008].

The DH-LSP is externally mounted, it doesn't occupy any useful cargo space inside the vehicle. It offers the largest possible platform surface on factory built panel vans, and is suitable for all types of cargo, including pallets.

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