Lift Gates / Fold-Away Lift Gates / DH-RM.20 /


The DH-RM.20 is equipped with a robust lift frame, a wide arm center and 2 lift cylinders. Hence it serves the heavy-duty end of the fold-away lift market. It is equipped with a wedged platform, offering a level ride from the vehicle floor to the ground (and vice versa), including automatic tilt at ground level.

In its travel position, the DH-RM.20 is safely stored underneath the chassis of the vehicle. It is ideal for operations needing frequent fork lift loading or access to loading docks, and all applications requiring quick and free access to the cargo space. The relatively short platforms of fold-away lifts are more recommended for roll cages, white and brown goods, parcels, etc... than for pallet work.

There are 2 executions: the DH-RM.20 with fixed stabilisers, and the DH-RMC.20 with tilt cylinders and adjustable platform orientation.

The special model DH-RMV.20 is specially designed for trucks with a draw-bar coupling (for central-axle trailers).

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