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The DH-RM.25 is DHOLLANDIA’s most powerful fold-away tail lift. The long 1600 mm full-aluminium platform offers 1500-2500 kg lift capacity, and is specially adapted to offer maximum reliability in the harshest winter conditions, incl. POWER DOWN operation.

The DH-RM.25 is mounted with a reinforced vehicle bed extension plate, further equipped with 2 sturdy dock-bumpers with adjustable ladders. In its travel position, the tail lift is safely stored underneath the chassis of the vehicle. Hence it is ideal for frequent dock or fork lift loading operations, for the occasional use, and for all applications where a quick and free access to the vehicle cargo space is required.

The DH-RM.25 is primarily designed for heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailers. The tail lift is compatible with most common DOCK-LOCK vehicle restraint systems.

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