Lift Gates / Fold-Away Lift Gates / DH-RP.10 /


The DH-RP.10 1000 kg is the strongest of 2 lifts forming a new generation of light weight yet robust fold-away lifts with half-dip platform ride from the vehicle floor to the ground.

In its travel position, the DH-RP.10 is safely stored underneath the chassis of the vehicle. It is ideal for operations needing frequent fork lift (un)loading or access to loading docks, and offers free access to the cargo space at all times. It is very easy to use, and has minimal impact on the vehicle pay-load; hence it is ideal for the occasional use and for rental fleets.

The DH-RP.10 is designed for commercial vehicles up to 12T GVW. In standard configuration, its operation is gravity-down. Power-down (double acting descend) is available as an option for the harshest winter conditions [option OAH025.1].

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