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In order to satisfy the needs of the North-American commercial vehicle market, DHOLLANDIA has developed a new fold-away lift called DH-RP.15 offering 1000-1500 kg lift capacity. This latest innovation is positioned at the higher end of the DH-RP range. Whereas DHOLLANDIA traditionally always manufactured fold-away lifts with level-ride platform and automatic tilt at ground level (DH-RC and DH-RM, still very much available !), the DH-RP range offers half-dip ride platforms with progressive inclination while lifting and lowering. The latter are ideal for more price-sensitive markets such as rental fleets.

The main characteristics of the DH-RP.15 are:

  • 1000-1500 kg lift capacity
  • Robust yet light-weight lifting mechanism
  • Wide arm center + 2 lift cylinders for maximum platform stability
  • Lift frame fully hot-dip zinc plated (galvanized)
  • 1250 mm steel / aluminium or full aluminium platform
  • Available with sturdy bed extension plate plus side steps
  • Suitable for medium-duty truck up to 1300 mm floor height
  • Available with or without bumper bar

In its travel position, the fold-away lifts such as the DH-RP.15 are safely stored underneath the chassis of the vehicle. As a consequence, they are ideal for operations needing frequent forklift loading and unloading, or access to loading docks, and they offer free access to the cargo space at all times. The DH-RP.15 are very easy to use, and have minimal impact on the pay-load of the vehicle.

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